Welcome to my studio! I’m thrilled to share my path to vocal freedom and understanding with new generations of performing artists and aspiring singers. My journey has included many years of training with instructors of all backgrounds, philosophies, and unique approaches to singing. From each I have graciously taken, and continue to take, what works for me.

Through all my years of training and instruction I have found that the most effective starting point for vocal awareness and development, is understanding the anatomy of the vocal instrument. I’m still baffled that I sang for so many years without fully appreciating how this invisible instrument works. It wasn’t until I discovered this crucial piece of the puzzle that I felt I fully owned my voice and could sing fearlessly, making full use of my knowledge and technique.  Since then, I cut right to the chase with my students so they can see results quickly.

Since we’re all different in temperament, sensibility, and personality, I’m more than happy to tailor a unique learning experience for each of my students. I’ve found that laughter and learning go hand in hand, so while we work hard, we also have lots of fun!  Come see for yourself the joy of discovering your own unique voice!